There are numerous roulette bets and each of them can affect your chance of winning. Read our guide to select the type of roulette bets that suits you.

Roulette Bets And Payouts

In this guide, you’ll discover the main types of roulette bets and payouts. Not only that you’ll be able to differentiate different roulette bet types, but also to find the ones that suit your game. Learn all about roulette best odds and choose the right roulette bets for you.

Roulette Bets And Payouts

Placing Your Bets – Roulette Betting

Having known the different roulette wheels as well as the tables, we can now proceed to the exciting part…exploring the roulette bets and payouts and learn about roulette best odds and payouts. While playing roulette, your main strategy will be based on betting. There are various types of bets, which you can place on the table. Therefore, it is critical that you understand the terminologies used at the table and what each of the bets involves!

To start betting, you have to Buy-In. Buying in is one of the roulette rules which simply means you purchase special roulette chips. Unlike the other casino games, the roulette chips don’t have the value denomination printed on them. At the roulette table, you will find 6-8 different sets of the coloured chips, with each set assigned to a particular player to avoid any confusion.

Once you buy in, the croupier will divide the chips into different numbers depending on the value of your buy-in. After this, the dealer will place a token on each of the stacks to indicate the value of each stack. Each casino will have a minimum and maximum amount that you can place as a bet. Usually, most of the casinos will allow players to place a minimum bet of $5.

If however, you are playing at an online casino, you will only choose the game, and choose the denomination you’d like to use as your bet and start playing. In the online roulette mode, you can place bets for as low as $0.10 up to a maximum of $6,000. The Snip below is an example of a Royal Panda roulette table. Note the table limits.

A List of Common Roulette Bets And Payouts

Once you buy in, there are different bets that you can place. Some of the roulette bets and payouts are shown below as well as the payouts you can expect from them. What are the roulette odds of winning? Learn all about the most frequent roulette odds and payouts below:

  • Inside Bets – This is a bet that you can place within a field of 38 numbers which correspond to the numbers on the roulette wheel. An inside bet can be a double street bet, a five number bet, a corner bet, a line bet, a split bet or a straight up bet!
  • The Straight up Bet is one of the hardest inside bets as it involves betting on one number i.e., you may decide to bet on number 13 as your lucky number. Consequently, it has a very attractive payout ratio of 35:1. This is probably the most attractive bet from all the roulette odds and payouts you should go for.
  • The Split Bet, another type of inside bet, which allows you to bet on any two numbers. To place this bet, you will have to place one of the roulette chips to join a line between two numbers. The split bet pays out at a ratio of 17:1.
  • The Street Bet is one of the most popular inside bet. To place the Street Bet, you have to place your chip on the line which separates the outside and inside betting sections of the roulette table. It pays out at a ratio of 11:1
  • The Corner Bet is also known as the Quad/Square bet. To place the Quad bet, place the chip in a way that all the four corners are touched by the chip. Once you win the bet, you will be paid out at a ratio of 8:1
  • The Five-Number/Basket Bet is a bet that is either the double zero, a zero, 1, 2 or 3 will be the next stop for the roulette ball. You can place this bet by placing your roulette chip on the outside line dividing the zero and one.
  • The Double Street Bet is where you bet on 6 numbers on the roulette table. To place this bet, simply place your roulette chips on the line dividing the inside and outside areas just like you would on a street bet but ensure that it also joins the row above or below. With the low risks involved in this bet, it has the lowest payout ratio of 5:1.
    The Outside Bet is the second type of bet and one of the roulette rules that you need to understand while at the roulette table. Just as the name suggests, outside bets are placed on the outside section of the table layout. You can place your bet as the winning number to be red, black, odd, even or any other number that is in the range of 1-12. 13-24, 1-18 or 19-36. Moreover, you can place a bet on any of these combinations, e.g., you can place an odd, red and 13-24 bet. Therefore, if the ball stops on number 3, 7, or 15, you will win three ways.
    Just like the inside bets, the outside bet is categorised into the following categories:
  • Any Black or Red – In this case, you will have to place the roulette chip on either the red/black field on the outside section of the roulette table. This bet will usually cover all the red or black numbers on the field. It’s an even money bet meaning it pays out at a ratio of 1:1
  • Any High or Low number bet – It is an even money bet and splits the field of numbers into two. The numbers located within 1-18, referred to, as the low numbers, and those located within 19-36, referred to as the high numbers. In this bet, you will place your bet on the number, which will show up will either be between 1-18 and 19-36. If a 0 or 00 shows up, the bet is lost.
  • Any Even or Odd – Just like the first two bets, the even/odd bet is an even money bet. Under this bet, you shall be placing your bet that the number showing up next will either be odd or even. Just like the high/low number bet, each field (even/odd) covers 18 numbers and if a 0 or 00 shows up, you lose the bet.
  • The dozens bet – Unlike the other bets, the dozen bet pays out at a ratio of 2:1. The dozens of bets are usually placed on 12 successive numbers, i.e., you place the bets in the boxes marked 25-36, 13-24 and 1-12. Again, you win the bet only if your bet lands on any of the mentioned fields. However, the bet is lost when the ball lands on a 0 or 00.

Hopefully, we provided you with useful information about roulette bets and payouts and that you got the answers to a common question – what are the roulette odds of winning?

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