Playing roulette online and playing it in land-based casinos is in many ways, the same thing. Developers have made the online casino game resemble the land-based game in many ways.

Online Roulette Strategies

Although you do not get to experience the game in the company of a real wheel, ball and friends, you can still copy and paste the best online roulette strategies from land-based casinos to the online version. The principles of the game are much the same.

best online roulette strategies


Here are some of the most popular online roulette strategies:

1. The Magic 8 System

The Magic 8 system is closely related to the Law of Thirds System and it’s often an important part of online roulette strategy to win. This strategy is based on the assumption that in every 8 spins, one of the eight numbers is likely to be repeated. What the player does, in this case, is to spin the wheel eight times to note the 8 numbers, then bet on the first of the 8 numbers. If this loses, he is supposed to bet on the first and second number together. If this still loses, he should bet on the first, second and third numbers.

As an example, suppose the player spins the wheel and lands on 8 consecutive numbers 4, 6, 8, 35, 20, 15, 21 and 31. According to this system, the player should first spin the wheel a number of times to let it breathe, then place a bet on the number 4. If the player loses with this bet, then he should place a bet on 4 and 6. If this still loses, the player should place a bet on 4, 6 and 8. Again, if he loses, then the fourth number is supposed to be added to the numbers bet on to make the bet include 4, 6, 8 and 35. If the player keeps losing, he should go on till the 8th number. In practice, it is very unlikely for a player to lose up to the 8th number.

This system will generally fit into the needs of medium risk players who enjoy the moments of anticipation.

2. Law of the Third System

The law of the third system is the inspiration behind many other systems of the roulette and also a significant element of best online roulette strategies. The law is based on actual science but has no actual basis when it comes to roulette. All the same, it statistically works, and that is all that matters.

The law assumes that since there are 37 numbers on the European wheel, then the probability of a straight up bet to win is only 1/ 37, roughly 3 percent. In every number of spins, this law assumes that you will see 2/ 3 of the numbers and 1/ 3 of the numbers will miss out from the statistics after every certain number of spins. For example, after 30 spins, 20 numbers will come up and 10 will miss out.

Application of this procedure involves the player watching the wheel for nine spins without placing a bet. The nine numbers that come up must be recorded. Then the player should wait for two more spins after the ninth spin. Then place your wager on all 9 numbers that came up in the first nine spins. The player should place the same bet through three spins.

The main criticism of this system is the fact that it assumes that the wheel has a brain and a memory which is obviously false. In online roulette, this is even more far-fetched as the programs are designed to automate the spins in a random way. However, the system does work regardless of the irrational basis. It is easier to use this approach in land-based casinos as it is easier to sit through games that you are not participating in. In some online casinos, it is also not allowed to spin the wheel if you are not placing a bet.

Compared to other systems and strategies, the law of the third is a safe strategy and is least likely to result in a serious loss as you only place three bets.

3. The Martingale System

The Martingale system is one of the oldest systems that work in casino games but it can also be applied to online roulette strategies. The strategy was invented by an Italian mathematician and has proved to be so successful that many casinos have had to adjust their systems to counter the users of the martingale system.

In roulette, the martingale system can best be applied to the outside bets. Inside bets involve much greater risk and since the 38 numbers can all come up randomly, this system can easily leave you broke for the month.

The system simply involves a player starting off with a small bet. If the player loses the first bet, the system advises that he doubles the previous bet. If he wins, he should maintain the previous bet. The system is best explained using an example.

Assume that a player has placed a bet on red in the red/ black option. If he places a bet of a dollar and loses in the first round, the player should double his bet to 2 dollars. If again he loses, then the player should double the previous bet to 4 dollars. If he loses again, the sequence goes on and he places a bet with 8 dollars. If he wins on this, the player is paid 16 dollars, which covers the previous loses. A winning on this bet will mean that the player should strike the previous two bets and reverse to the last bet of 2 dollars. In this way, the player insures himself against serious loss. The result if the game is -1-2-4-8+16=1

The Martingale strategy has variations in how it is applied. In one variation, you do not just double the previous bet, but also have to add an extra unit of currency to the bet. This insures you against total loss, and still attempts to make more money. An example of this would be if you place an even/ odd bet with a dollar. Then the sequence of your game is, say, lose, lose, lose, lose, lose then win. Following this strategy, you should double your bet to 2 dollars plus 1, to make 3 dollars. In the second loss, you will need to double your bet to 6 and add an extra unit to make 7 dollars. And so on. When you finally make a winning, you should revert back to the original one dollar bet.

Another variation is the reverse Martingale strategy. In the reverse Martingale strategy, the player has to double his bet after every win, instead of every loss. In this way, the player can ride a winning streak and has to decide at what point to cash his winnings and go home. The reverse Martingale system exposes the player to lower risk since he only doubles up using money that he won, as opposed to spending his own money in search of some cushion to losses.

The only reason why the straight Martingale system can be disastrous when applied to the inside bets is that the loses will obviously go to unmanageable levels. Since you have to double your bets after every loss, then you can easily go over the house limit of the game. And you will have lost a lot of money in a single session. Also, this is the biggest limitation of the system. Many casinos include upper limits of the bets in an attempt to counter systems like the Martingale system.

It is also important to remember that system works best in the short term and one is better off playing it for short sessions.

4. The McArthur System

The McArthur is a development of the Martingale system. It can only be applied in even bets. The difference in this system is that at some point, once you notice that the options you have not be betting on is coming up more frequently, you have to switch your bet to the opposite. For example, if you have been betting on black and note that the colour red is coming up more than black, then you need to change your bet to red. Philip McArthur, the creator of this system, designed it for use in certain online casinos, and also advice that the player quits the game at 200 dollars.

5. The Labouchere System

The Labouchere system is also known as the cancellation system or split martingale system and it is also an important part of online roulette strategies. This system is applicable to almost all casino games but is mostly associated with the roulette. In this system, the player splits his bet amount into a number of small bets and writes them down in a sequence. In the first bet, the player stakes the sum of the first number and the last number in the list. If he wins, the first and last number is cancelled out and the player stakes the sum of the second digits from both ends of the list. With all winnings, the player simply has to cancel the numbers that were added to make the value of the wager. However, with loses, the player takes the lost amount and places it at the end of the sequence. The next bet, in this case, will be the sum of the first digit and the last digit, which will now be the value that was lost.

The system involves having a predetermined goal of the game. Assuming a player intends to play with 10 dollars, the values can be split into 1, 2, 3, 2, 2. The first bet is played with the sum of the first and last number, which are 1 and 2. The wager placed is therefore 3 dollars. If this wins, the player simply cancels out the first and last digits to leave a list of three digits. The next bet is placed with 2 and 2, and if this loses, then the sum of 4 dollars is placed at the end of the sequence to form a sequence of 2,3,2, 4. The next bet is placed with a wager of 2+4, summing up to 6. The sequence goes on till all the numbers are cancelled out.

This system has the advantage of not requiring consistent winnings in order to make a profit. You only add one digit to the list when you make a loss, but cancel off two digits when you make a win. This means winning one-third of the games you play is enough to give you a profit. Also, this system is designed for even bets with a winning probability of about 0.5. That means you are very likely to make a lot of money using this system. Unlike the Martingale system, this system does not involve raising the wager by very large amounts. In the Martingale system, you have to keep doubling your bets and in a losing streak, you can experience an exponential increase in the sum of money staked. If you lose consistently 20 times in the Martingale system, you will end up staking the original amount raised to the power of 20, which can be very risky and large even if you started with a very low amount of money. The Labouchere system still involves increasing your next bet but is much less risky since it only rises by a comparatively small amount.

However, in comparison, this system will yield lower profits in the long term compared to more risky systems like the Martingale system. And at the same time, in losing streaks, you can experience great loss, but of course, not as severe as you would if you chose to go with the Martingale system.

6. Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci System is closely related to the Martingale system. A Fibonacci sequence is simply a mathematical sequence had been used even before it was applied to roulette. In this system, the sequence followed does not involve multiplying the previous bets; the player simply has to add the previous two bets and come up with the next bet.

As an example, assume a player has placed a bet of a dollar on black in a red/ black even bet. The player then loses the first round and places a dollar again and loses. The right move according to this system would be to add 1 to 1 and place the next bet at 2 dollars. If the player still loses this time round, he should add 2 to 1 and place a wager of 3 dollars. If again the player loses, he should place a wager of 2+3 dollars. If this time he finally gets a win, then he should strike the two previous wagers and place a bet of 2 dollars. The sequence can be summarized as follows:

  • Placed 1 dollar and lost
  • Placed 1+0 dollar and lost
  • Placed 1+1 dollars and lost
  • Placed 2+1 dollars and lost
  • Placed 3+2 dollars and won

At the final stage, the player can quit the game or place a wager of 2 dollars, going back two steps in the sequence.

In the sequence, the first number and the second number will always be the same. In the occasion that you get a win in the fourth turn, you will have to reverse to the second number. If again you win in this turn, you will have to reverse to the first number. If you do not do this, the sequence will be broken and you will fail to make a profit. This is the only time in this system when you will have to move a step back instead of two.

The sequence might also take some time to show some profit. You might fall into the temptation of placing a huge bet or quitting the system at a point. It is important to remember that this is a tried and tested technique and even if it does not end up generating profit for you, it is bound to get you back your money. With that said, you should always know your limits. The strategy usually works only in the short term. In the long term, you might end up losing a lot of money. Remember your monetary plans and stick with them throughout the game.

Just like the Martingale system, this strategy is best applied in even bets such as red/ black and even/ odd. The player does not have to start the sequence with the lowest possible bet, but it is advisable that he does this. Otherwise, he can end up losing a lot of money.

7. The D’Alembert System

The D’Alembert system was named by its creator Jean le Rond d’Alembert, A French mathematician. The system involves raising the bet when you win and lowering the bet when you lose. The system is based on the theory of equilibrium of nature and is therefore meant for even bets in the roulette and other casino games. The assumption is that if there are if your chances of winning are 0.5, then you should win half of the time. However, in practice, this is not the case, and that is the reason why you have to lower your wager with every loss.

The system simply involves adding one unit to your wager after every win and lowering your wager by one unit after every loss. For example:

  • Bet with 1 dollar and win
  • Bet with 2 dollars and win
  • Bet with 3 dollars and win
  • Bet with 4 dollars and win
  • Bet with 5 dollars and lose
  • Bet with 4 dollars and lose
  • Bet with 3 dollars etc.

8. The Doyne Farmer Strategy

Doyne Farmer was part of a team that developed a strategy that offers a success rate of 18% if well implemented. Doyne never revealed his secret from the 1970’s and has only recently written about the strategy. It is based on the Chaos Theory.

The system requires a computer or calculator that is programmed with Doyne Farmer’s system since it would otherwise be too complicated to even consider using. For this reason, this system is an important part of online roulette strategy to win and is best applied in online roulette. Many casinos would prohibit players from walking in with gadgets to assist in the games as this reduces the house edge.

9. Bankroll Management

Managing your bankroll can appear to be a trivial aspect of gambling, especially to those who have never gambled before. However, seasoned gamblers know how serious bankroll management is. A poor bankroll management strategy can make a person who has had a major winning go broke again. Needless to say, many places outlaw gambling because of the bankroll management practices of many gamblers. This is exactly what causes the violent incidents in the gambling industries. Managing your bankroll should, therefore, be among your key priorities in playing roulette.

The first step in managing your bankroll is to consider how much money you can spend in the casino. If you only want to play roulette with this sum, then this should also be noted beforehand. Otherwise, you might spend it on other games and end up digging your pockets further for money to play roulette. This money should strictly be money that you can afford to lose and still be able to pay for your necessities.

Once you have this figured out, depending on the roulette strategy, you should split it up. In a single round, you should spend a fraction of the money as opposed to spending it all in one round. A good figure to go with is 10%. Spending 10% of your bankroll in each game will give you enough chances to make a winning, and will at least last you sometime if you are playing just for fun.

The trap in gambling comes when you either win or lose. When you win money, you will always have greater faith in your luck. If you are superstitious by nature, this can even be stronger and more compulsive. It is important to remember that it is based on pure luck and there is never a lucky day for anyone. Once your preset bankroll is depleted, then it is time to cash your chips and go home. Losing also comes with its own compulsiveness. You might get that feeling of wanting to get back your money by placing more and more bets with even larger sums of money. While this is not entirely a wrong strategy, it should never be followed out of compulsion. Unless you had predetermined to apply a certain strategy, you should never fall into it just after a loss or else you risk making a major loss and altering your bankroll management plan.

10. The imperfection of the wheel

Of course, this will not apply to online casinos. In a land-based casino, keenly observing the wheel can help you make lots of money. Many people have in the past spotted wheels with imperfections and took advantage of the imperfection to walk away with riches. The imperfection of the wheel can easily be noted by spending some time on the wheel and noting numbers that come up often. This might mean that the wheel is broken or biased and has a higher probability of landing on a certain number more than another.

Of course, this also depends on whether you are lucky or not. If a wheel has a number coming up all the time, the dealer or croupier will notice this before you do and have the wheels shuffled. That means that the player has to observe this fast enough and when it is not so obvious. A number coming up often could also be because of pure luck and have nothing to do with the mechanics of the wheel. In this case, the chances of the wheel landing on a given number will still be independent of the numbers previously reported. All the same, it is better to take your chances with a number that comes up more often in a given wheel.

In an online casino, this will be silly since there is no way to break or bias a wheel on the internet to your favour. Reputable and honest casinos will always have fair systems to ensure that players have a fair chance of winning.

Online Roulette Strategy To Win – Summary

Beating online roulette doesn’t have to be that hard. With the selection of best online roulette strategies, you can increase your chance to become a professional player. We hope we provided you with some solid foundations with roulette tips and strategies.

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